Zhejiang Junhao Electronics Co., Ltd2016 annual excellent employees’tourismactivity.
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Long heard ofHengdian from Dongyang, such a long time to come here, It happened to be a fine day. ——A record of Zhejiang Junhao Electronics Co., Ltd2016 annual excellent employees’tourismactivity. To reward representative of excellent employees, to strengthen the happiness of employees, to share the development of company.Zhejiang Junhao Electronics Co., Ltd organized 2016annualexcellentcontrollers and employees to take part inHengdian tourism activity for two days on 3rd June. The tourism activity got strong support from the company's leadership and management. From the determine of time, the choice of travel agency and the arrangement of tourist spots and itinerary,wearecollected manysuggestions and made elaborate preparations. Hengdian- a cultural convergence of china's five thousand years.It's one of the Asia's biggestfilm and televisionproductionbase,andhas been haile as “First town of Jiangnan”. on the morning of3rd June, employees assembled in the company and drove to HengdianGuomao Building Hotel. It is so happy to enjoyed royal family feast,listeneda eunuch was reporting the dish names, drank a toast with emperor . After lunch, they toured the Guangzhoustreet and Hongkong street to feel prosperity of old china foreign concession in 19 Century.Also visitedDreamlike Valley TthemePark,to see the Asia biggest performance about disaster-《Torrential flood》,《Dream Tai Chi》etc. Next day,visited the Ming qing dynasty palace which was buildedas the prototype of 1:1 ratio ofthe Forbidden City in Beijing. They had toured the Qin palace which was builded for shot the historical film-《The Emperor And The Assassin》. And the famous film《Hero》was also born from here.The height ofSihaiguiyi Palace is 44.8meters and the depth is 600meters,so as to shows the tremendousmomentum. Final, Theyvisited The Qingming Festival. It’s most like original version, where towers,streets,bridges etc. could be find. The scenic areasseparated into 9 parts. It looked as independent and Monolithic. Abrief2dayjourney was always full of laughter and happiness.On the afternoon of June 4th,they arrived atcompany safelyand the journeyhas been successfully completed. As a member of Zhejiang Junhao Electronics Co., Ltd’s 2016 annual excellentcontrollers and employees, in this activity,theypulled together andhelped each other, showedcompany staff’sgood mental attitude.Meanwhile, the activity makethemselves relaxed and broaden their view,strengthen cohesion and give them a sense of belonging. Company wish employee to achieve more goals down the line and call on all staff to learn from excellent staff representatives. Hope all employee threw themself into work to achieve their full potential. For JunhaoElectronic’sbright tomorrow fight together!
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