Warm Christmas
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2016/12/23

jingle bells, jingle bells ,jingle all the way
Christmas songs sounded in the streets, silver Christmas tree covered with a lot of decorations, the air is filled with the atmosphere of the New Year, as if nearby the New Year. This year's Wenzhou is not as the same cold as previous years, could there be a lively atmosphere of Christmas, are too late to feel the winter, almost forgotten 2016 coming to the end. Time is always in circulation, time is always flying, remove a busy, intentions experience happiness, accompanied by Christmas Eve, no gorgeous rhetoric, do not copy other people's thinking, only send the company's most sincere wishes, MERRY CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas, happy winter!
Happy winter, full of anticipation of the winter, we are trying our best to work and call it a 2016. And I wish I was a proud snowman, quietly stay here to accompany you, warm everyone, even if it will melt… 


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