Global Prospect's one-day tour of YongJia RV Base Bonfire Party
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2016/7/14
? On July 1st, 2016, we held a outdoor activity with the theme of “ Participate and Enjoy”. This activity aim is to better stimulate employees passion, to mobilize the staff's working enthusiasm and morale, to enhance the vitality of organization, to improve the organizational culture, into the nature, relax the mood , spirit and ability to enhance overall organizational communication and coordination, meanwhile , to welcome new employees to join our family, let new employees join into the company as soon as possible, cultivate new employees on the company's trust and? a sense of belonging and exhibition company style.
? At 8:30 of July 1st, we get together at the door of our company to go to the Yongjia RV outdoor training base. Upon arrival at the base lawn, the entire team set up at the stage and start to play games, such as kangaroos Relay jump, crabs folder ball, throwing sandbags, a number of pull rope, tear and other brand; the brand tear activity, general manager was also invited to participate, we start a little bit neverous but gradually all play Hey, forget our position, forgot our age with happy.
? About 11:30, it was time for base farmhouse lunch, we enjoyed organic pollution-free vegetables, delicious nature gift; (gossip: farmhouse ingredients is very authentic, but the taste ... Next time suggest o prepare bottles Laoganma,... Laoganma). We had a brief rest after dinner, around 14:00, went to CS base, divided into groups, equipped with good equipment, conduct real CS, won the battle flag, save his teammates ... (also the first time to play this game, and now think of the time that excited, as if he really became a small amount of military friends ... ... Do not pull me, I would like to say, that is really good to play, forget to take the photos ... forget to send to we-chat).
? About 17:00, we went to RV base lawn, barbecue summer mode open room (not a hot barbecue, eat barbecue ...), we each chose favorite food and enjoyed a barbecue at the same time, accompanied by dazzling fireworks, bonfire party started ... music, DJ ... the audience LOL! Under the leadership of the host, everyone with hands in hands and made a circle, lively interactive game with the whole bonfire pulled the activity to a climax. I would like to mention that the host have kissed the blarney stone, now I remember his two big goes: "Follow Global Prospect, every meal has wine", " followed Global Prospect, eat the last meal with next meal there" , which is funny but not vulgar. It was? 8:00 PM when we finished the activity, still with dancing balloons and light sticks, soft lighting, dynamic music, gorgeous fireworks ..., reluctantly we embarked on a drive on the way back home.
? We arrived at about 9:00pm, we called it a day for RV base for day trips.? The event usually inspire colleagues with less word began to understand the interaction with other colleagues, although some shy, at least he has begun to participate. And each of us have felt involved in (a force to unite together) happy, company is a family with you, with her(him) and me. I participate, I'm happy!
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