Global Prospect Held Fist Table Tennis PK Competition
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2015/11/12

  Global Prospect Held its first time Table Tennis Competition on the 3rd floor of Activity room at 6PM, on Nov.13rd, with the aim of improving skills from PK and improving all working staff’s good conception of self-body build and enhance the friendship of table tennis fans.
  We have following guest attended the activity: General Manager Mr. Fang, Factory Director Mr.Li. Chairman of the labor union Mr. Luo and Managers from different departs. Meanwhile, main chiefs from different departments also took part in the PK with warm enthusiastic. 
  The PK began after Mr. Fang’s opening stress. There are totally 20 players including factory director Mr. Li whom we honorably invited. With sports spirit, all players performed themselves well for there are no difference between leaders and staffs and there are only players in the competition. After 1 honor fierce competition, we found our Table Tennis Prince-Shi Ze Ming from Commercial Department, winning the title. Lai Jun ling from HR department played against Shi Ze Ming in the champion PK, first 2 rounds ended in a draw, and finished in second with 3 goals behind. Chief Cai zhi wei from QA department win the third place. 
  Female team competition was seemed very soft and gentle, but still had wonderful performance. Although not as fierce as male team, their great performance attracted our eyes with tension and with good goals now and then. During the competition, we found some talents who showed their great skills, especially Wang jie from Solder Mask Dpt. With a little shy face he was not regarded as seeded player but he performed well and got through the final 8, which is worth of praising. 
  At the end of the competition, we awarded the winners and held a lottery drawing. With that, we successfully end the first time table tennis competition. As famous writer Voltaire said “the key to life is exercise”. Only with strong body can we do better in work. So let’s move to do some exercises in this winter.

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