The 2016 global flexible circuit board production value amounted to 13200000000 dollars.
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2012/8/22

The United States of America electronic information industry consulting agency Prismark investigation data shows, 2011 global FPC (FPC ) of the output value reached 9200000000 U.S. dollars, for the entire PCB share of 16.6%; it is expected to 2016, global flexible circuit board production value will reach 13200000000 dollar, year compound increase rate is 7.5%, become the PCB industry is the fastest growing child one of the industry, and in the PCB total market share further rises to 18.4%. Flexible circuit board to the rising demand from intelligent mobile phone, computer, touch products and other consumer electronics puissant drive, in addition, FPC in high-end electronic products ( automotive electronics, medical electronics and other ) the dosage proportion is increasing.

As the flexible circuit board is a functional component, FPC connector in intelligent mobile phone as the representative of the electronic equipment rapidly to miniaturization direction under the background of development, is now a consumer electronics device with flexible circuit to connect the circuit board connected to the main one solution, the application becomes more and more prevalent. In the automobile market, FFC/FPC connector has been widely used in GPS, LCD display device, radio device, and entertainment device such as an DVD player; in the medical field, FFC/FPC connector can help achieve the hand-held equipment required for the miniaturization, including patient monitors; and in many lightweight compact design for the main demand of the military and aerospace applications, also begin to use FFC/FPC connector.

High density and high reliability is the key index

In fact, the FPC connector main advantage is the ability to efficient use of existing space, namely the PCB space and the space within the housing, in addition to save cost, but also promote the compact high mobility design, so it has been widely used in many electronic devices market segment. FPC connector of another advantage is able to move, moving parts to provide interconnection, for example: digital camera display screen can be pulled out or the flexible adjustment of positions, while still with the camera body to maintain an electrical connection; or flip, slide type notebook computer or mobile phone display and fuselage is connected between the and so on.

From the market application, stage FPC connector for 0.5mm spacing of the products, 0.3mm products also has a large number of the use of pitch. Overall, the height and spacing is FPC connector two future the main direction of development, especially the latter. For example, in the consumer products market, on one hand, the products tend to be small; on the other hand, a large amount of various functional modules are integrated into the system, the desired transmission signal is also growing, which requires more pins, called FPC connector having more contact number, even the smaller pitch, as well as a more compact shape, ultimately achieve the goal of high density integrated.

In addition, stability, reliability is still FPC connector is the most important performance index, it is required in the design, either from the plastic mold flow, terminal performance, normal force, or FPC connector lid, in consumer products, designers should use various software thorough and careful analysis, to determine its strength to ensure the quality, structure, connector and the design of reliability. Secondly, in the FPC connector manufacturing process, due to the adoption of semi-automatic and automatic assembly, testing and packaging processes, manual operation is reduced, and also greatly reduces the quality or may cause other problems.

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