China's electronic industry will maintain a growth of 30%
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2012/7/25

From " international trade " released the latest survey, China electronic components distributors forecast this year our country electronic components sales will continue to maintain 30% growth. In 2011 China's electronics manufacturers procurement amounted to 400000000000 yuan.

From the point of demand, this year LED growth in the industry expected the highest, reaching 38%. Ding source information consulting ( Shenzhen) Limited company chief analyst Zhang Yubo told reporters, Guangdong and other provinces this year increase of LED products in the public domain application will drive whole industry. This will in the second half of this year the achievement of Related Companies.

The two strongest intelligent mobile phone will continue to maintain high growth, the expected increase of 35%. Ding source information analyst Hu Ping thinks, intelligent mobile phone as communications and Internet industry integration products, in the mobile Internet industry center position is more and more obvious, in a fairly long period of time there will not be any product can replace. This is also the current Google Baidu, 360, Alibaba, and other Internet companies are involved in intelligent mobile phone domain root cause.

Zhang Yubo thinks, along with the further development of Internet technology, intelligent mobile phone " mobile office and mobile phone, TV, computer, flat screen interactive " development is worth looking forward to. This will continue to drive the whole electron industry growth.

In addition, the smart grid, solar energy, wind power and new energy vehicles, intelligent and television industries demand this year will maintain more than 20% growth.

The survey also showed that, more than half of China's electronics industry manufacturers have plans to increase the amount of electronic components procurement. However, because of intense competition, Hu Ping thinks, intelligent mobile phone industry profit margins may face the risk to diluted.

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