PCB equipment factory expansion HDI process to bring generous dividend
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2012/4/9
PCB Equipment Factory Chuan Bao (1595-TW), animal husbandry, Germany (3 563-TW) and Iyambo Technology (2493-TW) to climb the peak of the 2011 results of operations, at the same time, the payment of dividend for last year are quite generous; which including the Iyambo Technology and CSUN (2467-TW) for the dividend payment last year were 2.8 yuan in cash and 1.8 yuan in cash to April 6 closing price of the stocks dividend cash yield more than 8% .

Under the influence of bad government policy side, the Taipei stock market, investment market mentality of the conservative, Guotai Securities, assistant vice president Jane Bo-yee said, pushing yields higher than 7% of the stocks at this stage investors can close track of investment the subject.

In fact, PCB equipment stocks in the Taipei stock market's PE ratio was low, and PCB stocks share price for the massive expansion of the HDI process production can be driven by high-profit and not fully reflected in stock prices last year due to the PCB factory also contributed to the treasure, such as Sichuan, animal husbandry, Germany, Iyambo last year's high profit and high dividend allotment program, the formation of the cash dividend yield is 6%.

Chuan Bao board resolution last year's dividend allotted $ 5, including a stock dividend of 0.5 yuan and 4.5 yuan cash dividend, animal husbandry-Tech resolution allotment of 4.25 yuan, 3.25 yuan cash dividend and stock dividend are all high the allotment of the amount of dividends.

Finalize the the Iyambo technology of the last year, the dividend amount has been convened by the Board, after its 2011 fiscal tax surplus of 397 million yuan, 3.47 yuan per share after-tax surplus hit a record high, its high level of dividends and generous allotment of 2.8 yuan cash dividend to on the 6th of the closing price of 29.5 yuan in terms of its cash with its yield rate of 9.49%.

CSUN last year after-tax surplus of 3.96 billion, EPS of 2.58 yuan, its board of directors resolution allotted 1.8 yuan cash dividend on the 6th of CSUN's closing price of 21.45 yuan in terms of its cash with its yield rate of 8.39% .

Revenue reached 516 million yuan in 2011, animal husbandry, Germany science and technology, and a record high, the annual growth rate of 47.7%, the content of animal husbandry, Germany science and technology in 2011 earnings, animal husbandry, Germany in 2011 after-tax profit of 146 million yuan. The significant growth of 126.16% compared with 2010 after-tax profit of 64.5 million yuan, 4.76 yuan per share after-tax profit.

At the same time, animal husbandry, Germany Board of Directors passed a resolution to the allotment last year's dividend of 3.25 yuan cash dividend and stock dividend, a total of $ 4.25.
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