Electronic components industry: in the second quarter shocks or exacerbate
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2012/3/29
Recovery in the industry still have to wait

Decline in sales data, capacity utilization, inventory levels rise, the industry is still in the doldrums, but the BB value shows a number of good omen, vendor confidence is restored. Expected industry growth rate fell trend will gradually stabilized, but the uncertainties of the European debt crisis persists, the recovery of the industry still have to wait.

Future depends on the overall market performance

With the rebound of the early makes the valuation levels rebounded, annual reports and quarterly performance will stock the formation pressure. However, some industry indicators, momentum, and these will appear in the subsequent quarter. Further the trend of the market as a whole will depend on the overall performance of the market. Adjustment of the industry technology, scale and competitive advantage of industry consolidation, is conducive to the healthy development of the industry, companies will survive more vitality and competitiveness, thus providing good investment opportunities.

Low-cost smart phone industry chain uncertainty

Improve in low-cost smart phone penetration will be good. The smart phone growth to determine the demand for the upstream electronic components touch screen, PCB, precision machining to provide a guarantee. Benefit of low-cost handset supply chain in which domestic should be more pronounced.
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