PCB sustainable development of enterprises of great importance to environmental protection and social responsibility
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In recent years, China's PCB industry has been rapid development. Concrete manifestation of the sustained rapid growth in the domestic PCB industry sales growth from 2006 to 100 billion yuan to 149.5 billion yuan in 2011, a CAGR of 8.4%; production increased from 130 million square meters in 2006 to 1.9 in 2011 million square meters, a CAGR of 8.1%. Chinese companies and consolidating its position in the global industry, domestic PCB accounted for the world's share has increased from 27% in 2006 to 40 percent in 2011. At the same time, including a flexible board, rigid-flexible PCB, multilayer, plate, thick copper, low-loss high-performance boards and ceramic boards, including the various PCB has a relatively large increase.

PCB companies recognize the cost of sacrificing the enterprise sustainable development, the use of low-end products to participate in market competition is no longer realistic.

Although the PCB industry in China has been years of rapid development, but there are still a range of issues, one of the most noteworthy is that environmental issues. Over the years, the PCB industry are considered to be one of the larger industries in the pollution with the management and technological progress and environmental awareness, the PCB enterprises a better understanding of the sustainable development of enterprises at the expense of the cost of low-cost, low-end products to participate in the market The competition is no longer realistic. Therefore, the PCB industry in recent years pollution has been effectively controlled.

The future development of China's PCB industry only through the strengthening of governance, a resource-saving and environment-friendly industries in order to gain the initiative in international competition. In addition, the raw material prices, the major urban land prices, wages and salaries rise, energy prices and other factors, how to improve quality, reduce production costs for the PCB industry had to face.

Promote cleaner production

Promote cleaner production, the development and dissemination of cleaner production focus on industry standards and evaluation index system.

Circuit board industry for the continued development of the circuit board industry, to create broader space for development.

First, the circuit board business should be the full implementation of cleaner production, intensify environmental governance.

While in pursuit of their own development, we should fully recognize the importance of energy saving, emission reduction, and active use of advanced scientific and technological means of reducing pollutant emissions in the completion of energy-saving emission reduction targets at the same time improve their own competitiveness. PCB industry waste resource value, which is the advantage of a unique industry characteristics. Integration of multiple resources, optimization of government policy, a reasonable allocation of the resource elements in the value chain of PCB renewable resources, and build a new system of harmony, sustainable development, environmental control and energy saving, environmental problems of the industry is bound to be a fundamental solution, which is the PCB enterprises in the long-term stability of the fundamental guarantee.

In recent years, the emergence of many new technologies of energy saving and environmental protection. On the 2011 the CPCA environmental seminars led by industry associations, nearly 50 business representatives from across the country to engage in energy conservation, recycling recycling, waste governance related to environmental protection, the park on behalf of local associations on behalf of the joint initiative on cleaner production standards of the implementation, promotion and application of advanced technologies for energy saving focus, the distribution of the industrial park and industrial park's environmental governance, the implementation of local environmental initiatives, electronic components, printed circuit, semiconductor device industry, pollution control technology policy " expanding the contents of a detailed and extensive depth discussion. Also according to the "12th Five-Year Plan to jointly plan future environmental development strategy of the printed circuit industry, defined the main direction of development. This seminar for environmental protection enterprises to build a platform to promote new technologies, new ideas. Speech introduced new environmental technology in recent years in the PCB industry, and promote the use of new technologies to promote. Participants score on the speech content, from a technical innovation capability, R & D level, the continuing validity of cost-effective and the five aspects of the corporate image on the nine technical considerations.

From technical novelty in terms of the three projects are: technology development and application of new and efficient heavy metal wastewater treatment resources, Shennan Circuits chiller waste heat recovery projects, PCB efficiency abatement of water-saving new technology WWT project.

Enterprises to enhance the sense of social responsibility

Every enterprise can truly focus on waste management, emphasis on energy conservation, emissions and efficiency, enterprises will be able to build a resource-saving, environment-friendly enterprises.

The circuit board industry associations should give full play to the role of internal contacts and external communication. Industry Association Environmental Clean Production Branch should actively carry out activities through various channels to understand the status of circuit board business, cleaner production, energy saving technologies, new processes, the real work of enterprises in the industry to be commended for its The technology used should be promoted, and fight for real help for this business. Such as the online collection of the etching solution is a mature technology, and its promotion can bring considerable benefits for the enterprise, areas difficult to promote the association to the authorities to conduct dredge. Another example is the new wastewater treatment technology of Cu mud is not hazardous waste, can be directly used, associations need to help promote and help enterprises to get more government support.

PCB enterprises should enhance their social responsibility. China has a long history of civilization, we should carry on the tradition of excellent, abandon the tradition of the dross should absorb some of the excellent things. We must strive to create conditions for sustainable development of the industry, to create a good living environment for future generations is an important part of corporate social responsibility.

Now our most enterprises attach great importance to waste management work, our technology can achieve world-class governance, as long as each of our enterprises can truly focus on waste management, emphasis on energy conservation, emissions and efficiency, we can each enterprise into a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.
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