Taiwan PCB maker off-season is not short operators busy end of the year
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     Kinsus (3189), the Unimicron Tripod and other printed circuit board (PCB) rich plant apple concept, not only this season is not short off, promising full year of operation, and has recently favored by foreign investors.

Taiwan's printed circuit board (PCB) factory Unimicron, Tripod, Ka Luen Yick Apple announced last year, the industrial chain, Kinsus Taiflex, Taiwan Table Section is an indirect shipments, the share price yesterday (14) only sets of tables Division fell Kinsus lighting to limit to return to the "hundred club" sit tight in the PCB industry chain "shares listed.

Kinsus customers after November last year adjust the shipping speed, revenue has warmed since February of this year, in January and the first quarter of the whole year trough.

The Kinsus client come into the Apple supply chain, related applications in tablet PCs, smart phones, integrated circuits (IC) substrates gradually since last fermentation, now the new Apple iPad upcoming sales, fueled on the operation.

Hard board (Rigid PCBs) plant Unimicron, Tripod and a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) factory Ka Luen Yick, of PCBA manufacturers, table Division stressed that this season tablet computer is more prosperous relative demand applications, Wellink benefits, Taiwan Table of traditional off-season this season is not short.

TSMT main products are light-emitting diode (LED) backlight (Light Bar), benefit from the new iPad to add a unit price rose, a single month a new high of the consolidated revenue is expected to advance to the second quarter.

Unimicron tablet computer this season is relatively better than the smart phone, especially last year is not much inking tablet PCs, will is the power of business growth this year.

Tripod operation to determine the bottom in January, in addition to tablet PCs in order to hold high-density connectors (HDI) boards to open up the mainland's mobile phone factory orders relative to warm by foreign investors favor buying the stake of more than 60%.

[Other news 4G smart phones ram supply chain to eat red

The NPD Group, the latest research report, 4G LTE smart phone market penetration in the fourth quarter last year, has reached one-third of this year continued to grow, and create new business opportunities for Taiwan factory supply chain, HTC (2498), Quanta text, Arcadyan, ZyXEL, D-Link, Alpha, will benefit from it.

NPD Group also released last year, the best-selling 4G mobile phone HTC Thunderbolt, HTC EVO and Apple iPhone 4S. In addition, the latest listing of new iPad also has a full range of support for 4G LTE technology, look towards the mainstream trend with the 4G LTE, the 4G LTE this year will be the hottest topic. It is understood that the upstream chip factories in Taiwan has been actively layout 4G chip, recently came GaAs plant macro Quesco, WIN has won the PA (power amplifier) ??4G chip orders, creative, and IC design houses also received the order, shipments in the second quarter onwards, the IC chip plant operating in the second half of nourishing pill.

The Netcom plant parts, including Quanta Computer, text, Arcadyan, ZyXEL, D-Link, Alpha plant in LTE layout is not the absence of the majority of business opportunities is expected to for Netcom ethnic bring. In addition to the U.S. and Europe, Asian countries such as Japan has also actively explore the 4G LTE market in addition to telecom operators leading NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and mobile voice, recently announced it has joined the camp of LTE operators.

Apple iPhone 4S fourth quarter of last year in the terminal cell phone part, to benefit from the market, pushing up the overall 4G smart phones proportion be increased to one-third of all mobile phone manufacturers in the market will be more actively launch 4G smart phone models.

According to the GSMA Association estimates the 2014 global intelligence machine in 2014 shipments will reach 1.3 billion units, compared with a substantial growth in 2009.
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