On the PCB monthly revenue Beauty operators is not bearish
Source:China World Trade Center science and technologyCreate time:2012/3/15
Listed printed circuit board (PCB) industry chain in February revenue generally warmed, Taiwan County Technology (6269), Chi super technology and its systems League rewrite a record high, the most notable performance, flexible printed circuit the downstream Apple campmill and panel industry, 51 up the goods tide surface.
PCB plant operation of the "Fab Five" to the wind?

Taiwan Union Technology February consolidated revenue Fulltech the month revenues are better than in January, and were to rewrite history and the second highest, third highest on record, with the Prefecture of Taiwan, Chi Chiu and Union, the system printed circuit board called the listed (PCB) industry in February revenue of the "Fab Five".

      The county of Taiwan, Apple released the new tablet PCs New iPad plus support and smart phones the iPhone 4S shipping is still prosperous, consolidated revenue better than expected in February and seven consecutive months and innovation initiatives for March, not bearish.

      Taiwan county assessment this quarter consolidated revenue than last year in the fourth quarter is expected to change in benefit from the consolidated revenue of the previous two months to go Yang, the end of last year, and strive to flat, turn the investment in mainland China, Jiangsu Province, Kunshan plant capacity in the second quarter production for the operation add strength.

      PCB factory Zhichao and its Unification Union is the world's largest thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel photoelectric control panel printed circuit board (PCB) Group, the alliance system for two consecutive months to rewrite a record high.

      PCB factory, Chi said the fourth quarter of last year, gradually feeling from the gradual warming of the downstream panel orders, more apparent in March, mainland China May Day holiday, pick up the goods effects have been added under the single force, especially Samsung split panel plant will be expanded to Taiwan to low-cost raw material dependence, light-emitting diode (LED) backlight television (TV) specification will accelerate Distribution also enhance the demand for optoelectronic control panel PCB, the new into the notebook computer (NB) PCB market share is also rise, not bearish for this year's operations.
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